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  1. Like what is POD Farm? Is that more along the lines of what I'm looking for?
  2. oh really!! Well that sucks!! hahaha okay well do you know of any software that is compatible with the line 6 pod X3 live? im looking for software that I can load and transfer different tones on to my FX pedal
  3. I recently just purchased a used Line 6 pod x3 live. I am very happy with this pedal but I'm curious about this Helix native effects software. I am wondering why after I downloaded the software and installed it on my laptop, why can I not find the icon anywhere to open up the program? In my file explorer I have the Helix Native installer but when I click the finish installing option I was assuming the program would open like most software does...but I see no icon for the program.....it's very strange....if anyone can help me figure out this issue please do so....I would appreciate it immensely! Thanks
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