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  1. Yes, exactly according the footswitch, TRS and two buttons. I have no idea what a continuity tester is, have to research it first. I´m not such a technical guy ;-)
  2. I mean a simple footswitch. Sorry! The helix do it in the same way as the the footswitch except that I can´t return to CH1/CH2 properly after I have switched to low or high gain. The corresponding leads on the amp switch back to the proper position but not the channel itself. It´s weird ... It sounds like that the two channel (Gain low or high and CH1 or Ch2) are on the top of each other. And as I said it only happens when I switch to the Gain channels and then back. If I switch only betwenn CH1 and CH2 no issues.
  3. My intention was to do it in the same way as described in the video I posted above. I have a PB1 manual here (german language as I´m from Germany) and theoretically it should work in the same way as the PB2. Switching CHI/II, Gain Lo/Hi is exactly what I wanted to do. But once I´ve switched to low or high Gain it doesn´t switch back properly back to CHI/II (as described above). I thought my amp might have a broken one but with a standard channel switcher the channel switching works fine without issues.
  4. Thank you all!! It simple seems not to work properly with the originally Engl Powerball :-( Meanwhile I have checked another cable and it doesn´t work as well. All who got it work use the Powerball 2.
  5. It works in the same way as my preset. I can switch between the clean and the crunch channel but once I have been in the lead channel I can´t really go back to the clean or crunch channel. The leads on my amp change to the clean or crunch mode but it doesnt really make the switch back. When you change the channels you can also hear a click on the amp which can not longer be heard once I have been in the gain channel an try to switch back to clean or crunch. Do you use the Powerball 1 as well and if yes does it work? With standard footswitch the channel switching works fine so I thing it has something to do with the cable or it simply doesn´t work properly with the Helix. Will give it a try with another cable, I have to organize one first ... Thanks for your effort!!
  6. Thank you for your help! Unfortunately I have to wait until tomorrow when I´m back in the music room. Do you have an idea what the problem could be? Generelly the channel switching works which I can see on the amp on the corresponding LED lights and the sound of course changes. It change the channels just like a simple standard channel switcher. The only problem is the "overlaying gain channel"
  7. I have to say that I don´t konw what a TS cable is. I followeda you tube video instructions: The channel switching works exactly as in the video. My cable seems to be a TRS cable. Meanwhile i found that my problem only appear when I switch to high gain channel and then back to the other channels. Switching between the clean and the crunch channel wokrs fine but once I switched to in the high gain channel all other channels has a high gain overlay when I´m switching to them. Do I need a TR cable? Thank you!!
  8. Hi all, I want to use the Helix to switch the channels of my Engl Powerball tube amp. To do so I use a stereo cable and the channel switching in general works fine except of a weird problem. When I do the channel switching with the Helix it adds gain to the Engl Amp even in the clean channel. When I disconnect the channel switching cable the gain is gone. Any idea what could be the problem? Thanks in advance, Holger
  9. Thank you very much! It was indeed the wrong MIDI CHANNEL. Now everything works fine and you gave me some other interesting clues which I havent think about so far. Thanks for that!
  10. Hello, I want to connect different presets with different channels of my amp. I was able to set some CC messages in the Helix (Command Center). For example #16 to set the reverb off. For the amp channels it needs a PC messages (according to the amp manual) and I have no idea how to do that. For example Channel 1: PC 1(00H) Channel 1 or PC 2(01H) Channel 2 I have no idea where and how to set this parameters in the command center. Any help is very appreciated! Thanks in advance, Holger
  11. Hello, i´m also using the Katana Head 100 + a 4 x 12 Marshall cab to amplify the Line 6 Helix. So far it sounds really great!! Can someone please help me with the channel switching (Katana) via Midi? My intention is to connect a specia Helix preset to a special channels of Katana. If I connect the Helix with the Katana via Midi it generelly works but so far it only works that I can switch through the 8 + 1 channels of Katana using the first 9 Presets from the Helix. Any help is very appreciated! Holger
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