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    Worst amp ever?

    Hi everyone, Im actually surprised to read these disappointments. My experience with the Spider V 120 is quite the opposite. I Do understand that factory presets may not satisfy, but inmHHHo here are some exclusive features that puts this piece of gear on another level for those who get it. Im a frequently giggin pro musician, and recording artist. I say this humbly, just meaning I depend on the amp to pay my bills and raise my family, in a country which currency and taxes that it to the price of a good vacations an US family would take in Bahamas (serioulsy). - First at all, as an amp, its Bivolt - I own 4 great tube amps, and 3 of them were overcharged at any point of my live. - Second, its Full Range mode works seriously better than any of the amps I use when it comes to monitor the XLR sound that my Firehawk FX is sending to the PA. Think of it as a Studio Monitor ready to go around - and just that would already justify its costs for me. - Third, the App - yeah, its that good. I use a iPad Mini 2 and it works perfectly, and you tweak things way better than any other piece of gear you would find at any price point. It really amazes positevely the producers and musicians that hire me, and thats a point I need to highlight, as I depend on it. Im evolving this to use a pair of tablets one aside the other - one for Firehawk FX, one for the Spider and maybe a third to read sheet music (yes, I have that kind of jobs). People will think Im an alien! Lets see :) - Fourth, the weight! Oh boy, its a heavy sounding lightweight amp!! Thaaanks for that L6 - And last but not least - the Guitar Amp itself. Some of you guys are saing you cant use it as a regular amp, but facts are you would pay much more for an one-sounding-all tube amp, and you'd have to use pedals and stuff to get more diversity anyway. And said that I think its not possible here not to find ONE amp simul that will fit for you with your pedals racks and stuff, even as "medium" fidelity amp like those HotRodded Fenders, or maybe those SS Marshalls Rev Gibbons took over to record the Eliminator album, or even a Jazz Chorus. Now, however, I agree if your looking for real tube amps finest feel and experience, such as a 65 Priceton Reverb amp, os a real old JTM45 you'll be disappointed here. But consider two things, one is that your feel does not always transcend to the listener ears, and second, youll be disapointed in many many MANY other amps too. Thats why i keep my other amps :) Ive attached a picture that shows this thing in a real recording situation, where the amp itself had to be muted most all of the time, working just as a monitor to my needs (even thogh its miked up). You didnt loose money at all w this. Hope it helps somehow guys! Thanks for reading, peace out
  2. That's a great solution!!! Thank you, I'll try that. There's one more thing; I use a Class 5 head modded with a line out (and factory loaded with a speaker dummie), so it works as an aditional cascade pre into the input of the iso cab amp; usually it runs on a passive loop pedal box. Any chances of somehow using that pre on a send / return on/off toggled loop, and then receive the signal through the XLR input? I mean, something like gtr -> HD500X -> amp iso cab -> XLR HD500X -> monitors out. (-> ext. pre looped ->) That would be awesome! Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I just got my HD500x, and couldnt test this yet; but I have a good Isobox extension cab loaded with a SM57 that ive been using for years in the mic input of a Boss GS-10 - from there to the board and phones. In my case it would be perfect if i could set the xlr mic input as the return (so i could use the amped real amp in the chain, or nule it and go straight stereo into line). There was an issue i had with the gs-10 I think I wont find in the Pod - the mic XLR signal would get too hot into the GS, it had to be attenuated somehow.
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