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  1. I got the Gator Case from Sweetwater. The size is right, but the guitar kind of slops around inside. I made forms and covered them in faux-fur. It's working great, although the guitar is upside down. That makes the handle in the wrong place for the case to be balanced properly while carrying. Not a big deal to me. I've brightened up this photo so you can see the details of the black guitar in a black case.
  2. I know that. What I expect is that L6 will do whatever it takes to make the Helix be able to update the Variax. I have a new Shuriken 250 Variax and a new Helix. They should both work together totally without any janky USB dongley thingy.
  3. The new laptops out now do not have USB but have all been updated to USB3. What does L6 have in mind for us to do?
  4. Will I be able to do firmware updates when my Variax is connected via VDI thru Helix? Monkey seems to see the Variax, but I'm not confident that the update will work. Rather than using the awkward and out-of-date USB interface that came with it.
  5. Nope, you are not alone. Same thing for me. Crash on sync attempt. That's what we get for living on the edge! I for one would be glad to be involved in any testing Line6 may or may not be doing. I updated both my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6. I wish I would have left one of them at iOS 8! No downgrade option either. 8^(
  6. My 150 buzzed out of the box. Only a certain note at a certain volume. I took off the back panel and put in felt pads between the panel and the amp case. Problem solved.
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