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  1. On the front panel, from the V60 onwards, a lot could be improved, such as a larger display and the one or the other rotary control, or the USB to the front, as well as the on / off switch, etc. I think that is for the large front panel Equipment not enough in terms of equipment.
  2. How can I install the latest firmware on my Spider V30 and how do I get Flash Memory 2.02.0 installed? I already connected my V30 to the PC and the SUV file was clicked, but nothing happened ...... my V30 is still running with the first software version since I bought it in 2018 .......
  3. It should be easy for Line6 to configure the remonte in such a way that the tone tamplets as shown here can be created, while the remonte can be created and saved on the spider etc. Otherwise you can't do anything with Tone Tamplets, can you? There are also different distortion and amp models that can be called up and saved, so why not also the Line6 guitars, that would not even cost license fees, since it is from our own house. If you go to the top bar in the remonte, you can see there, input. With this button it would be good, great, useful, if you could use it to specify the guitar models specified in the Tone Tamplets, such as the Variax setting in Tone Tamplates Ace Frehley: Lester 1. If that were still possible, it would be dei remonte and the spider absolutely perfect.
  4. Hi, why is it not possible to convert the patches from helix to spider or vice versa? They are all Line6 products. It would be good if that were possible with a Line6 converter that only converts Line6 patches with each other. The converter should then be available for download on the Line6 homepage. Thank you.
  5. Hi, the tone templates are actually a fine thing. BUT if I want to use the remonte for the Spider V30 to create these tamplates, this is not possible because firstly the Variax Settings are missing in the Remonte Control and secondly the settings of the corresponding devices such as the overdrive are missing. And without the settings of the devices, as well as the Variax Settings, the Tone Tamplates actually don't use anyone, right? So how do you get the Variax Settings in the Remonte Control for the Spider V30? https://line6.com/data/6/0a06438941d057b76091bd9f3/application/pdf
  6. I have the Spider V30 in the first version. I am actually more than satisfied with the combo and its possibilities, it is the best combo that I have had so far. BUT one is not so good, the headphone jack above the masterpodi, if you have a headphone with an angled plug, you have a problem. So I was hoping that this problem was recognized and changed in the MKII ..... Unfortunately, this is not the case. Otherwise the combo is really great.
  7. Hello Line 6 Team, I have a question about Ideascale. Many good suggestions are made there every day, including the Spider V and remonte software. But I have not seen any update installers where these ideas are processed, at least some of them. Are you interested in this at all or is the Ideascale only one thing to calm down the Line6 owners and make it clear that the suggestions are taken seriously. Or maybe come in the next few weeks, really an update in which ideas are processed?
  8. The program Line 6 Tune Up does not work on my PC. I have already installed the current version. The following message appears :.
  9. Spiderneuwied

    Cube base

    When registering the Spider V30 you should get the cube base for free. Or have I misunderstood something? Because I have not received a cube base until today.
  10. Hello Spider user, does anyone know what settings I need to use, maybe even on the Remonte, to get a Black Sabbath and Melodic Death Metal sound
  11. Hey guys, I bought the Spider V30. Now I have the following problem with setting, programming. In the remote program, I find the amplifier etc. with for example the abbreviation Small Tweed, if I now have the programming only on the Spider V I have other names in the display. Since I do not always carry the spider to the PC or can connect and even with my phone is not on the Internet, I wanted to ask if there is a side of Line 6, where the whole names, etc. with the appropriate amps, effects, etc are listed? On the sound templates, the names are synonymous other than on the amp display, or I did not do that correctly or understood? I start to despair and ask for help. Thank you in advance. If possible, please answer in German
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