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  1. Hi there can you connect an M5 to a Lexicon Lambada USB interface that goes to a computer. If so how?
  2. Hi there I am new to the M5, I am having difficulty seeing the small screen when standing. Is there a reasonably priced Midi controller to control the presets, that might have a seeable screen. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there thanks for the info , I have a guitar tech that can do that, just wondering if the under saddle pickups would be affected. Cheers
  4. Ahh thanks for that, the bridge plate is flat on the deck I can just get a .002" feeler gage under it but not all the way. This is as it came from the factory. As I said can only get downward movement on the tremolo, this is because there is a chanfer on the forward edge of the bridge plate. Will probably get my guitar tech to set it up as per my strat. As you said parallel. Many thanks
  5. Thanks for the answers, I have got it set up as I would like it but surly there is a standard measurement to work from? Also If I set up the tremolo completely floating will that have any affect on the under saddle pickups? Cheers
  6. Hi there I am new to the Line 6 only had the Standard for a couple of months and need some help. Not very happy with the general setup from the Factory Yamaha I think, expected it to be a bit better. Fret ends very sharp. This can be remedied. The Relief and action was very high, now sorted. The Tremolo is almost hard tailed, just a small amount of downward movement. My questions are. Where can I find the measurement's for the setup (neck and tremolo) or do you use a strat setup? Will adjusting the tremolo affect the under saddle pickups or more to the point affect the built in settings? Lastly when using the half step and whole step down settings, playing alongside a guitar tuned down it sounds completely out of tune. Any help appreciated.
  7. Help, I purchased a Variax Standard not 24 hours ago, the Tremolo is flat to the deck is that normal? Also the battery is so stiff getting in and out of the charger and guitar battery housing. Managed to get it a bit better by greasing the slides. And to finish off one of the selector knob tops keeps dropping off. Is this normal for Yamaha products?
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