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  1. Ive read several different sources that have given conflicting uses of the pre-eq. some say before the amp, others after. I havent gotten right. I read into this article a lot more and am understanding more but still something seems off. I have more reading to do. As far as the volume. When I open my DAW the volume goes from like 5 up to a solid 7 or 8 and it gets super gain-y. So idk why that is happening. I didnt try recording last night and i am in the process of trying to trade in the pedal board for the rack version as i am mainly using this for recording and not for shows. This is still a massive learning curve coming from knowing nothing about frequency to trying to learn how to dial in a tone for recording.
  2. I have been tone chasing with this piece of equipment for quite some time now. About a year to be exact. This is definitely a complicated piece of equipment in my eyes, nonetheless, i am quite determined to learn as much as possible to fully utilize this beast. I have been reading this article http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/ampTone#preEQ in order to try and help me better understand some aspects of this pedal. Perhaps i should sell and buy the pro as i dont really tend to use the peda effects and i am using this more for a amp/cab sim in recording my own material. Or perhaps i should sell it and invest my money elsewhere. I am not sure what to do. My problem is that when recording my tone will sound ok before i open my DAW and i am playing through my interface. Once i open my DAW the sound tends to be pushed up higher and im not sure where to compensate here. Im looking at the eq cause i have turned down the gain on my interface and the ch. volume on my cab sim. I was reading about pre-eq to get rid of some buzz/fizz and i am wondering if that is where the problem is. Does the pre-eq come before or after the amp in the chain? Where do I access the frequencies as explained in the frequency chart of this guide? please Halp. Relieve me of my ignorance.
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