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  1. Thanks for your reply! I've connected the MIDI from the Whammy to the Helix into MIDI Out/Thru. What setting do I need to put the Command to? Bank/Prog? And do I need to connect my Whammy to my guitar and/or Helix through the FX loop or Guitar in?
  2. I bought a MIDI cable today, plugged in my Whammy into my Helix LT (with both MIDI and through the FX-loop), set the MIDI CC accodingly to the Whammy 5 manual, but I can't get it to work. I made a test footswitch with FS9 to switch the whammy into Haromny + OCT up (CC 63, Value 127), but it doesn't do anything. Changing from MIDI in to MIDI thru on the Helix didn't help either.
  3. I was plugged in with the Helix switched on, tried all different USB ports, restarted the computer and the Helix multiple times, updated Reaper but nothing helped. Eventually reinstalled the Helix driver but it randomly keeps disappearing the next time. HX Edit and Updater both work, they're all the newest version, as is my Helix.
  4. Hi everyone! I wanted to record a quick riff in Reaper using my Helix LT, but Helix doesn't show up under ASIO devices. It does show up when opening the Updater and I hear Windows sounds coming thorugh my Helix. What should I do? I have the latest drivers and software; it used to work a few days ago and now it randomly disappeared, only HX Stomp shows up for some reason (which I don't even have). Thanks!
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