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  1. Hi same thing. Update to 2.71 ==> no Sound ... I went crazy 'cause I thought it was my mistake.. Downgrade to 2.70 ==> works perfectly It looks like the 2.71 is not ok, therefore, why is it not just taken out from the download area or at least having a hint that Helix FX has issues with that 2.71 software version? By the way, just for support as I was also looking for "how to downgade": I just did that through Line6 Updater, download the software from the page (2.70), run Line6 Updater, chose the software and that's it ...very user friendly!!!
  2. Is there a Mac/PC editor? The same HX Edit application works with Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, and HX Effects, but when HX Effects is connected, it appears as just a librarian and IR loader for now. Just update it to version 2.50. We expect to update HX Edit with full editing capabilities for HX Effects later this spring. Hello, I am new in this community so my apologies if this topic is already discussed somewhere else. When is it expected to get the HX EDIT software with full editing capabilities? Is there a date known beside "Spring 2018"? Thanks IM
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