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  1. Hi, I normally don't use the up and down switches, and they are there. If those could be utilized as additional Snap Shot switches would be great, of course hoping for max. 10 snapshots then :-D. Just gives more options within one Preset. Multiples with selection comes close to changing to new presets. Personally trying to keep it simple to one Preset, because the balancing of volumes becomes more tedious with increased no. of presets... Cheers, Thomas
  2. Add the possibility in Settings to assign the Up and Down Switches as additional Snap Shot switches. This would be awesome, the 10 snap shot switches on the board. I like to work mostly with one preset, to keep it simple and get better sound and volume balance. Two more Snap Shot buttons would be useful and I personally don't use the up and down switches. (selecting other presets with the control button / wheel). They are like unused capacity on the board...
  3. tk78

    Amp recommendation

    Thanks. In the meantime I got totally addicted to Jason Sadites Youtube channel, working through his dial in videos. Helped me a lot, apart from the Lonestar recommendations, the Litigator and Soldano videos were really helpful. Still working on some others... :-) Cheers, Thomas
  4. When you tap on Mode (most right, upper foot switch), you should get into the Snapshot Mode. Then can just tap on which Snap Shot directly. In Global Settings -> Footswitches, 2nd menu from left you can set up the default mode. Usually I got it on 8 Snapshots, you can also set a mix of stomp and snap shots assignments there. Hope that helps. Cheers, Thomas
  5. tk78

    Amp recommendation

    Will check out the other amps, step by step. :-)
  6. tk78

    Amp recommendation

    Hi, Thanks a lot for all your feedback. I went with the Lonestar, and I'm really happy with the sound. Dialed in as following: Drive 1: 1.3 Drive 2: 7 Master: 2.5 Cranked up channel volume to 7, and added +6dB on the cabs. Reduced bass and added some chorus, delay and reverb. Sounds exactly as I hope for, thanks a lot. Cheers, Thomas
  7. tk78

    Amp recommendation

    Hi, I'm new to the Helix. Got an Axe FXII for home recording, and just added the Helix for live gigs. I'm looking for a suitable amp model for Dream On, which I can dial in very clean for the intro and verses, but also crunchy for the chorus. All in one Preset, working with Snapshots. Tried the Marshall JCM-800 (Brit 2204), but this does not clean up enough (like the crunchy sound though). Many other amps got separate channels for clean, crunch and lead, which does not work well for Snap Shots, due to the CPU limitations in one Preset. Anybody any recommendation, which amp might do well over the whole spectrum, if dialed in nicely? (with OD or Distortion, but like some amp character with that...) Which amp do you use for dialing in a nice clean, crunchy and lead tone? Cheers, Thomas
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