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  1. Hi all.. It’s possible to lock Helix main volume ?? I had a gig yestrday and after the soundcheck someone moved helix volume button ... and you can imagine the disaster in the show.... :( It’s something usual when you share gigs with other bands... a lot of cables on the stage.... Any way to aboid that for next shows ??? Thks folks !! Jimmy
  2. Hi @Thark !! I think I'll do the same... But why do you use Helix loop ?? Is not the same connect the guitar to FreqOut, and then to the Helix ?? Yes @BAmartin really love it !! I need it into the Helix !! ;)
  3. Hi ! I've discovered a Digitech pedal, that could be really intersting to add into Helix. The FreqOut creates natural feedback, and I really miss this on the Helix... am I the only one ?? Do you know if it's possible to create this kind of fx ? Or Line6 friends... why not to add on the Helix on next update ?? Regards !! Jimmy
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