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  1. Honestly I think I’m going to sell my g10 and buy this. Line 6 really needs to get their stuff together. The boss one is smaller, looks more durable and HAS A 9V INPUT!! Thx guys! Looking forward to trying it out!
  2. Hey guys! The truth is is that Line 6 clearly designed this thing to be hard to repair. Which is really crappy in my opinion. I had the issue of the jack coming loose and falling inside the unit. I managed to fix it and it wasn’t a huge deal but still it’s annoying that a company would do this on purpose. For any of you that opened it you know that they designed it to be hard to open. So line 6, please stop this. Make your product easier to repair, or, just stop putting bad components in them. I have have to say tho that’s mod by a2dconverterguy was EPIC!!! Might need to do that to my own... thx guys!
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