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  1. in fact I did a downgrade of the software to v.2.54 and back to 2.60. Then all my presets were unreadable. So i did a factory reset, installed the new HX Edit and downloaded some IRs.Then I started to edit the presets from the beginning with HX Edit. After 5 presets suddenly the HX didnt respond to any button again. But I still had the chance to do a backup. So I did a Factory Reset again, reinstalled the Software v.2.60 and restored the backup. Just now its running.
  2. I still hope its only a SW or HW problem and they can/will fix it. ;-)
  3. I had the same Problem with my HX Effects. Suddenly the board is not responding to any switch (no connection to a computer). After I cleared all presets it worked for a while. When i tried to edit the presets again the HX freezes again. Could this be a software problem with the v.2.60 for some special configuration?
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