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  1. Its Chad Boston's Line 6 Helix family of products user group - Original on facebook. He gets away with being such a bully about this stuff because that group has basically become endorsed by line 6 as it is the biggest one out there for helix users. Its brutal though, he goes around playing the victim card whenever anyone comes up with a competing product and then proceeds to cyber bully those who disagree. They even used to go as far as deleting posts about which screen protectors for tablets / hand held gaming consoles would fit the helix screen because he sells an expensive screen protector.
  2. Honestly I think its just an entitlement issue. Theres a ton of yes men in that group and kind of a cult of personality going on where no one dares disagree with him. Up until recently anyone who posted third party line 6 accessories that competed with something he offered had their posts deleted and in some cases were sent rude / aggressive messages by his stooges. Its really unfortunate as that particular facebook group is a great community of like minded folks, but then you also have it coupled with this toxic BS. Long story short, hes found a way to make money off of line 6's products with products and takes personal offense to anything that he deems threatening. While im sharing my gripes about that group ....theres a weirdly defensive community over there of "helix tuner truthers" who get really upset at any suggestion that the tuner is anything but perfect.
  3. The guy who runs the facebook group just posted about this and seems PISSED. I really dont get it, he barely skirts the trademark by calling his products "L6" and accuses this FREE product of infringing on a trademark. I really dont get the cult of personality over there. He also seems to think he created this brilliant original idea of using an eq instead of an IR for cab sims which is just hilarious .
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