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  1. Hey Riley, I think you fixed the issue! I did not have my phone connected via bluetooth, but I tried experimenting a little with turning my phone and laptop on flight mode and that seemed to help a lot! It seems that interference coming from the wifi signals coming from my laptop are the problem. When I now record with flight mode on, there are barely any issues. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. I am using the Amplifi 75 and want to record with using a usb cable from the back of the amp directly into the pc. All drivers are updated. It works smoothly, except for one big issue. If I try to record something, the recording gets some sort of crackling sounds that come sporadically. I first thought this was due to a poor connection with the cable but I've changed it out with a new one. There are no problems when outputting sounds, but only recording. Is there any fix for this?example.mp3 I've attached an example of the problem, recorded through Audacity. Listen to the sound that comes after 4 seconds and around 15 seconds.
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