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  1. Just submitted an Ideascale to address an issue I’m having For one of our songs, we have a sustained super wet intro/outro. I have it set up on the B path, with the A path the dry signal. I’m using the expression pedal to smoothly switch between the two in the mixer block so that A is 100% on toe down, and B is 100% on heel down. The effect I’m going for is that the tone just transitions from the wet to the dry, but what I’m getting is more of a wet fade out, then a dry fade in. What I really need is a crossfade option for the mixer. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Path-Join-Mixer-Crossfade/947789-23508 Go Vote! Thanks Doug
  2. With 2.7, [ACTION] + [PAGE>] together will start the tuner, useful if you have set switch 3 to stomp instead of tuner/tap.
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