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  1. huh? i am talking about the spider III, specifically I have the head HD150.....
  2. I've read that manual several times over trying to find the says: Yet #10, as it calls out, is about Foot Control & Headphone/Line Out and makes no mention of controlling FX levels....
  3. Hey, thanks for the response....I wasn't sure if anyone monitored these forums anymore. However, I don't quite follow....if I want chorus, and I adjust it to get the speed of chorus I want, how do I adjust how MUCH chorus I want? using the control knob? do I have to hold down the tap button or something? The manual makes no mention, and I couldn't find any videos on how to do so....
  4. I just picked up a spider 3 head and cab.....the pilot's guide is super short....first thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a way to control the amount of FX? i.e. I can enable chorus or flanger and as I move the knob it changes the speed of the effect, but I can't seem to change the amount of the effect....or am I missing something? This seems fundamental to having effects.....
  5. @sullywoo did you make any progress with this? I am a programmer, looking to parse l6t files - do you have any insight into the format of these files?
  6. I have a flextone 1 on which the save button LED is always on. From what I can tell, everything else functions properly, I can switch patches and banks, but I cannot save any patches. I have tried a factory reset, but that doesn't seem to help. Anyone suffer a similar failure or have any thoughts?
  7. Nope, no HDedit. I'll try tonight saving via the device directly and see if that gives me what I need.
  8. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I was hoping to use my HD400 with my acoustic guitar for a show this weekend, but without the ability to turn off the amp/cab simulation, this will just not work.....
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm definitely only using hdedit. The hd400 is across the room out if reach.
  10. I have an HD400 and am trying to store some patches with the amp simulation disabled. The preset saves, however, when I switch to another preset and back I can hear that the patch is totally different as though the amp simulation has been re-enabled. (Even though the amp LED is off in HDEDIT on the PC). If I re-enable the amp, then disable I get the sound that I originally stored. HD monkey says I am up to date on all pieces of software. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks.
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