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  1. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    What about polarity? When assigning a footswitch to an effect, it would be easy to include a 'reverse polarity' option. If you could assign more than one switch to an effect, you would 'in effect' (sorry) have scenes. Example: Delay assigned to switch 1 AND 2. Polarity reversed on 2 (to 'off'). Repeat with as many effects as you like. Now some effects turn on and others off with each switch! This would be an elegant way of handling scene-like functionality within a patch, and not have to get into actual 'scene' architecture and all the crazy CODE that implies.
  2. the_mink


    Wondering if anyone knows whether the Reverse, Sweep and Lo-Res delays have been abandoned, or are there parameters available to all the delays to emulate them? It would be an interesting choice to skip on these, since they were part of what made the DL-4 so revolutionary back in the day.
  3. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    They were saying that the Distortions/overdrives don't have clean blend, but that the architecture of Helix makes it easy to instantly create dual paths, one clean and one with a OD inline. Be that as it may, I would love it if the clean blend was just kind of 'there' all the time as a parameter.
  4. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    OK, just to clarify a previous question: if I have a TRS cable hooked up to my amp, I can control 2 functions (say Channel 1/2 and Boost on/off). If I need more control (Mesa Mk V etc), then hook up an RJM Amp Gizmo via MIDI and control it that way from Helix. Right?
  5. If I'm not mistaken, there was a huge foot switch upgrade with the 500X, and those are he switches on the Helix.
  6. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    So I can go to bed then??
  7. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    If the Brit J 800 from the recent HD model packs is any indication, we're looking good... BUT OH NO... WHAT ABOUT THE GIBTONE!!!!
  8. Just to double check - I was talking about the thinline Tele, with full-range humbuckers. It's positions 2 and 4 on the Tele. Does that one have a weird 6th string?
  9. Interesting! Thanks for the reply. I want this to go away somehow, but I took JTVs off the wall and got the EXACT same issues...
  10. I'm a long-time Variax user (since Variax acoustic), and I have a JTV-59P that I love. But I'm finding I use it less and less, BECAUSE... There's usually one string in each model that sounds like a completely different guitar. And I mean, no exaggeration, once you discover this it will drive you Bonkers. This is 'firmware update' material. A few examples: on the Spank model, play each string. What does your 4th string (D) sound like? Be honest. Honk honk honk. How about the 2nd string on the Special? Thud thud thud. And here's a really funny one: on the Tele thinline model, play each string and then the 6th (Low E): what???? Is that from the acoustic model or something? I know this is not on purpose, I know something went wonky at the end of the modeling process or was lost in translation. I tried multiple JTVs and found the same strings were doing it on the same models. Please tell me I'm not out of my mind here. I am a huge fan of the JTV and would love to use it as my main axe for sessions and gigs. Help!
  11. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    That's what got me excited about the Rotary. The Univibe sounds delicious... it was obvious that you were throwing the gauntlet down by featuring it. I realize that a properly executed rotary will hog DSP and so on. But it is still (along with amp overdrive) the standard by which modeling is judged. A really great rotary is something you're tempted to use WAY too much. My hopes are high!
  12. the_mink

    Helix FAQ

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. OK, deep breath... (1.) How many external Amp functions can be controlled? Some amps (Mesa Mk V etc.) have a ton of features that can be controlled. I would say 4 minimum for the Helix... yes? (2.) Do we still have to waste effect blocks on things like summing the inputs, like on HD500? I found the inputs/mixer on that unit a bit convoluted. (3.) Does Line 6 absolutely have to have a different expression pedal than every other piece of gear? It would be so cool to grab any old exp pedal and have the whole sweep, etc. (4.) Please tell us that the new ROTARY effect is going to make us cry with swirly, dimensional delight. We know you can do it!!!!!! (5.) Will there be Exp control of levels, or do we insert Volume Pedal blocks for that? (6.) Buffers on/off for the external loops? (Thinking off fuzz pedals here) (7.) Can there be selectable polarity for the foot switches - Ex. hitting one switch turns an effect On and another Off? You guys are truly amazing.
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