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  1. Thanks for the manual 'show and tell' Phil. (never read it) Almost 2 decades into the 21st Century and this thing should be plug and play, not an iOS based system choice. If that was the intent, it should be marketed as such. I do appreciate the manual clarification but it is not a resolution to the interface problems necessary to maximize its potential. Hope Line 6 makes a leap forward on this one because it has so much potential but for now I have to send it back.
  2. The Spider Remote software doesn't work with any Samsung products. Line 6 team forgot that Samsung sold 100 million devices last year. R&D oversight, I guess. Very disappointing. You would think designing from the ground up, connectivity would be high priority. (maybe they will release update soon?) The Spider V120 has an old school USB 2.0 connector and a weird switch to flip between Mac and Windows with no explanation. Fischer Price has better connectivity on my kids romper room toys. Line 6 drops the ball on this one. The amp has good tone if you are looking to play at low levels is an apartment. Put it to the test on a festival stage with drums and bass and it struggles. DI outputs are crap, no Pre/ Post or attenuation and mine put off a tap button pulse in PA. Got to a gig before I figured out that little gem. Yes, I know all the tricks of ground loops. (30 yrs). Two things of note. Acoustic Amp sounds not useful beyond the living room and you need the App to navigate the menus.
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