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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I do have a few more questions though. So what would I need to do to use the Fender's preamp? Say for instance I wanted to use the amp as my overall clean tone but use the helix for all of my distortions, delays, reverbs, etc? In that situation, would I even use the amp modelers/cabs through the Fender. Do I have the FX loop set up right for just using my Fender as a clean amp and the Helix as a pedal board?
  2. I appreciate this but I've watched this guy's videos several times as well as many others, and I'm still not getting it. I guess what my issue is, is that that there are so many options on what to do, I don't even know where to begin. I'll admit it, I'm a noob when it comes signal flow, etc. What I have going on is this: Guitar--->Helix-->Helix send-->Amp guitar input-->Power amp out-->Helix return-->Helix main out-->Power amp in I had a friend just set me up with using the FX loop in the chain instead of the two "send/return" blocks. Ex. Guitar-->distortion-->comp-->FX Loop--> Delay-->Reverb. Am I using this correctly? I also don't get Snapshots at all not matter how many videos I watch. I'm a very hands on learner and just watching these youtube videos where guys are doing things that I would never do because of the style of music I'm playing, doesn't help. So what i'm saying is, any tips?
  3. I just ordered a Helix LT yesterday and I am very new to modelers. What is the best way to hook up the Helix through a Fender Hot Rod Deville? I don't know much about the 4CM and just wanted the best advice on what to do. Thanks
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