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  1. Restart the factory pedal, update it, I did everything but nothing works
  2. I bought it 3 days ago, I have not lubricated it for the same I don't know how to calibrate it
  3. I have a helix floor and I have problems with the volume pedal, the volume range marks from 0 to 100% but on the physical pedal it only travels 90%, when the pedal marks 0% volume on the physical pedal I can still lower a 10% that the helix does not recognize me, do you know how I can calibrate it? what can i do ?? video-1607103624.mp4
  4. JoRGlml


    Hace 3 dias compre un helix floor y tengo problemas con el pedal de volumen, el recorrido del volumen marca de 0 a 100% pero en pedal físico recorre solo el 90%, cuando el pedal me marca 0% de volumen en el pedal físico aun puedo bajar un 10% que el helix no me reconoce, saben como puedo calibrarlo? q puedo hacer?? video-1607103624.mp4
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