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  1. Thank you to the support team for explaining the purpose of the "ring" on the ¼" plug on the G10. Your comments clarifies everything for me. Before I received your advice, I had already decided to build an adaptor to address the problem. My "work-around" solution (which works perfectly) is to use a "stereo" ¼" female socket that is connected to a male ¼" plug using mono shielded cable. I connected the respective tip to tip connectors and the sleeve to sleeves. Using a "stereo" female socket ensures that the [shorter] earth internal connector / contact arm touches only the earth sleeve part on the G10 (and does not make any contact with the "ring" - being the recharging contact) so the internal electronics / charging of the G10 are not activated. This adaptor then gives a standard mono guitar lead circuit. (without interfering with /activating the charging "ring" on the G10). Problem solved! cbarillow (iknowathingortow) - you may like to add this to your list of known things.
  2. My sincere thanks to you (cbrillow) for you advice / clarification. I suspected that the wiring would not be stereo (for a guitar application), but I have no idea why a Sleve, ring, tip configuration ¼" plug would be used. I do not wish to damage any electronics by making a wrong connection. I recently inherited responsibility for the G10 Relay at my church, but (unfortunately) without the user manual. My guitar must be one of the incompatible cases (other instruments work correctly). I could not find a thread on the forum of a FAQ solution. I will endeavour to find a user manual. regards Colin
  3. Call for help! How can I successfully use the Relay G10 transmitter in my guitar.? The guitar has a mono 6.5mm ( ¼" ) socket - but the G10 has a ¼" 'stereo' jack. When the G10 is connected to the guitar there is no sound. However when the G10 is connected to a newer (Taylor) guitar it works perfectly. I have seen a suggestion to use a mono to mono (TS to TS) ¼ to ¼ adaptor - but this does not make sense to me; and I cannot find a suitable adaptor to buy 1 Can anyone suggest how I can successfully and safely connect the 'stereo jack' on the G10 to a 'mono socket' on my guitar so that the G10 works? that is - what are the correct wiring connections needed? Is the G10 jack a true 'stereo' connection (wiring) or is the 'ring' on the jack plug used for some other purpose? [ I would have thought that the jack plug (for a guitar) is only mono, so I do not know what is the purpose of the ' ring' on the jack plug. Can the ' ring ' connection be: ignored; or bypassed; or bridged to the ' tip '? Cheers Colin
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