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  1. And something to add; will the new version of Workbench (when it arrives) model PRS guitars/pickups? :-)
  2. That all makes sense, and I use the HXFX to fatten up my tones, but I suppose my question is this: if I'm using the models on the Variax (and also via Workbench HD) and not the magnetic pickups, why don't the humbucker settings sound fatter like an actual humbucker? Is it because the guitar has single coil magnetic pickups?
  3. Is there a video or can someone explain how to upload/store the sounds on the guitar? Can you modify sounds that are already stored in the instrument? TIA!!
  4. Interesting, I'll try that. haven't used W HD yet to upload tones. Advice? :-)
  5. Hey all! I LOVE the JTV-69S but find even with the humbucker models, the sound is much thinner than an actual humbucker (I have other hum guitars). I bought the JTV-69S because it promised best of both worlds. What does one do to make the models "fatter", or are there preferred models I can download within the Line6 single-coil community that model the humbucker models? :-) Thanks and rock on!
  6. I couldn't locate a video on this. How can I assign two efx (delay and reverb, etc.) to one footswitch on the HX? TIA!!
  7. Greetings! HX newbie here. The a/c adaptor is a giant wall wart and the cable is only a few feet long. VERY inconvenient. Is there an extension cable anyone uses so that the wall wart isn't on the floor by my feet and getting stepped on? Any solutions? Ideas? Thanks, forum!!
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