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  1. I have a Spider V 160 that I've had for 2.5 years. Never had an issue until a few days ago. I turned it on and plugged in but couldn't get any sound. I double checked the volumes on the guitar and the amp. I tried a different cable. Also, tried a different guitar. Still no sound. I turned off the amp and was going to plug in to another amp that I own. On a whim, I turned the Spider V back on and tried it again. It worked perfect this time, and it had worked fine ever since. It's great that it is OK now, but I now have this fear every time I turn it on that it won't work. Does anyone have an explanation? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Jim
  2. When I got my Spider V120 the first effect that I tried was vintage tremolo. I was very disappointed and figured that it was going right back to Guitar Center. Luckily, I installed the Spider V app on my iPad and and found that when adjusting the tremolo settings with it (rather than the amp itself) I could get exactly what I was looking for. Now, I use the app anytime I am creating a new tone or fine tuning an old one. It is so easy to switch the order of effects and also make minute adjustments.
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