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  1. Hankon6

    Spider V30 Amp Won't Load Beyond "Line 6" Boot Screen

    It seems a full software erase and reinstall needs to be done.........It may be that you will have to have it done at the factory as Pacemaker100 asserted. I know that it is not what you wanted to hear ...but it will be the best possible means of completely checking out the amp! I know the shipping cost are a bit much...but....you will have a real nice amp when all is said and done.....Best pf luck my friend!!! Let me know when it is playable again and your impressions...I know you will enjoy it alot!
  2. Hankon6

    Spider V30 Amp Won't Load Beyond "Line 6" Boot Screen

    I believe (i may be wrong) but I do not think so, That you can not download to th amp unless you have power on the amp. Can you acess the Home button at all? Have you tried a different power cable to the amp? You mentioned the softwate was stuck on LINE 6......check the Line 6 down load support to se if you can reload the default factory software and over ride/erase the corrupted files ,,,if that is the problem. I am not really familiar with the Spider ll....Make a call to the Line 6 support.....The support team for US customers can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 2), 8am – 12pm & 1pm – 4pm Mon-Fri Pacific Time. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm..
  3. Hankon6

    Spider 2 hd75

    Call the people you bought it from and asked them if it needed repair before you bought it....any whty were you not notified of this problem. Or something to that affect. If you take it in to be repaired on your own $$ it may cost you more that what you paid for it. Or retuen it ASAP if there is any type of warranty! Sorry to hear about this,,,the 75 is a good amp. Hank
  4. Hankon6

    Cannot see most amps from PC software

    Have toy tried reseting the amp by pressing down on the home button for a few seconds and scrolling down to FACTORY RESET? also try updating amp thru line 6 downloads. This should do it. Hank
  5. Hankon6

    Helix into Spider V

    THANKS A all for the assistance!!! Good posts!
  6. Hankon6

    Helix into Spider V

    I am pleased to hear that Spider V 240 amp and the Helix/helix LT can be used together {Spider V as an FRFR}. I too, have the Spider V 240 combo. I was thinking I would save some real coins if it sounds as good or near the tones of a Powercab 112 in flat mode. I will be purchasing a Helix LT in the future and had in mind 2 Powercabs for stereo sound. Can someone who has used the 240 with a Helix let me know of the sound quality! This would save me $1500 .......Thanks a bunch.
  7. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Sounds like you got a plan!! God bless and see ya around!
  8. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    BTW dayrlb....Did you get the Spider v 240 combo or the 240 head? I really like mine! I have had it since April...and still have not have it all down pat.. SOOOOOOO many ways in which TONE can be created. Plenty of power ...enough to get you to hearing aids very quickly. I Usually have the amp at 3/4 and use the volume control on the Variax. Get that amp out of that box and become tone chemist by mixing and experimenting. It is a real blast...no pun intended. Good luck and ENJOY a great product by Line 6.
  9. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Well darylb ...metal picks,wider neck, 6 strings vs 5 and finger picking vs A pick. Very different . But, music theory the same, Hammer ons and pull offs and slides ..Easy and the same. Using left hand to fret was just an excersize preparing me for the guitar. Other then that......they are the same! Oh yes......timing in playing is much different. 2 beats per measure vs 4. But LOL aside, Yes I believe I do have an advantage over the pure novice. BUT, I still consider myself a novice forever...Always learning and always seeking the next level of playing.
  10. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Ohhh Mannn! Forgive my Brain Vape!!! Forget my response above. There is , of course, a way to trem before and after the amp...it works ok but looking for more of a quicker sign wave. Still trying to get into the intricacies of my fairly new V 240 combo. So much to learn in so little time!!!!!! (old man) .... But, having a BALL!! I am learning the guitar after years on the bluegrass banjo.........Thanks
  11. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Thanks==I'll do some more tweaking! How would I put the tremolo before the amp......with a Spider V 240? I did not think I had the ability to create that chain without a pedal board.
  12. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    I have tried to simulate the old tremolo sound of the 50's and 60"s on my Variax standard...I have a Spider V 240 and my search and experimentation have eluded me in getting to THAT sound. What are the tone mixes to achieve this? Thanks
  13. Hankon6

    Spider V 60 ordered!

    Spider V's are very good amps. The 60's and above are they way to go. I have Spider V 240 and love the heck out of it. I won't use any volume settings above the 1/2 way mark. It will blow the paint off the walls! The V 60 is perfect for around the house and outside to impress your neighbors. You will really like the MANY different sounds you can develope! Tweeking the amp makes you feel like a kid in a candy factory! I have had mine for a couple of months now and still have not reached all the output possibilities! Wow.....You will be turned into a sound scientist! Have fun...ENJOY!!!
  14. Hankon6

    Create A Better Sound

    Did it create a more rich tone or more treble?
  15. Hankon6

    G10 and Spider V

    My experience with the Spider V 240/Variax Standard is that when the amp is turned off with the G10 pluged into it...it seems to go to a slow change, because the G10 lite goes to about 1/2 normal. I always charge my G10 when the Amp is on. Now that has been my experience.... I usually look back at my g10 after awhile and the light is very faint. If I start the amp back up ..the G10 lights up to brite. I may be wrong...but that is what I have observed