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  1. I believe I have found the Pickups that I will install on my Variax standard(ebony)....Please let me know If I need to reverse wiring the middle pickup. BRIDGE: Dimarzio Pro Track MIDDLE: Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus strat NECK: Dimarzio Satch Track.. These pickups pretty much fall within 6-8k ohms suggested. Can I get some comments as to what you think of this swap! Tone wise it should be quite good. At the 4 position it will should sound very Straty, while the 2 position more Bluesy. Thanks for you input!!!!
  2. Still need an answer to my dilemma...but ,yes I understand the warranty issue...no need, because it is out of warranty! Please help with my question on reverse wiring..Thanks!
  3. I am still trying to figure out if I need to reverse wire the middle pickup..for the following Dimarzio install...Bridge-Protrack Middle-Cruiser Neck-Satch Track. Do I need to reverse wire the Cruiser?? I know they are 4 cable, but that is easy to resolve.
  4. thanks! There goes the Pro track.....Change to fast track at 250K pot.
  5. Can I get a replacement for the battery door on my Variax Standard! I have it tapped up and it looks bad and I need to redo it everytime I charge the Battery. Please let me know if replacements are avilable!
  6. I am also swapping all 3 pu's on my standard Variax. I will be using Pro track in the bridge, Cruiser in the middle and satch track in the neck. Dimarzio pictures the Pro track with a 500k Volume pot, The other 2 are 250K. Will there be a problem with using the 250K pots with all three? Also, I have read through this forum topic and still I do not see anything about Reversing the middle pu wireing? Please help! Thanks!
  7. Thanks NBELL! So are you saying.. I can use the preset in it's entirety less cab. Appying amp sims in PODGO would work....? How can the "cab" emulations in PODGO be applied by sending via PODGO to my Blackstar 2x12 speaker....and would the speaker color the cab emulation if it can be accomplished? Thanks for your help!
  8. About to pull the trigger on a Pod Go......The only item that is holding me back is knowing the ability to run all presets and amp /cabs thru my Blackstar. Therefore, using my Blackstar HTV 212 mk2. It will be awhile before I purchase Line 6 FRFR! If I can't run the presets or either the podgo amps and or cabs, I would then be forced to use only the trem,distort, delays...etc.....Would someone please fill me in on what Pod Go can do for me with current setup mentioned above.......THANKS!!!!!
  9. Thanks again. But, the wires I will cut, are the ones eminating from the variax pickup that are attached to the pc board. So, in theory I will be tapping into those wires...2 from each Variax pu pickup. PER the Variax pu swap video.
  10. Thanks psarkissian. I saw this diagram in one of the other threads. Since each variax pick up have a different colored wire Blue .black white and yellow. I state this per a variax pickup swap video on the net. Your diagram shows white and black...where do the other colored wires go? If you would please, what 4 conductor wires in Dimarzio pickups would be spliced into the Variax 2 pickup wiring( I will cut the variax wires so as to hook up the Dimarzios) Thank you sooo much for the help!
  11. I am about to swap my Variax Standard pickups with DiMarzio 4 conductor PU. Chopper,fast track and Pro Track! They are for the most part 6-8k ohms. Chopper is 9k ohms...which is slightly higher than the working parameters....but have been used alot on the Variax. My question is---I believe the Variax comes with 2 conductor pickups. Which of the extra 2 conductors on the DiMarzios' need to be spliced together to join into the 2 pu wires that I will be splicing into, on the Variax? Does anyone have the wire color code chart showing which colors I need to use? Thank Hank
  12. I too have an issue with 2.0 upgrade with my Spider V 240. Every preceding upgrade have been easy with no problems... Tried to upgarde with 2.0 firmware several times ..but recieved an error notice......AN ERROR HAS OCCURED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. Then it gives me 3 suggestions in which try if it does not work. Why all previous ugrades were succesful and this one trashed? I am using Windows 7 64bit. Any suggestions?????? AAAARRRRHHHH!!!!
  13. I did not think that Spider V 's had effects loop for plugging in pedals!
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