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  1. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Sounds like you got a plan!! God bless and see ya around!
  2. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    BTW dayrlb....Did you get the Spider v 240 combo or the 240 head? I really like mine! I have had it since April...and still have not have it all down pat.. SOOOOOOO many ways in which TONE can be created. Plenty of power ...enough to get you to hearing aids very quickly. I Usually have the amp at 3/4 and use the volume control on the Variax. Get that amp out of that box and become tone chemist by mixing and experimenting. It is a real blast...no pun intended. Good luck and ENJOY a great product by Line 6.
  3. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Well darylb ...metal picks,wider neck, 6 strings vs 5 and finger picking vs A pick. Very different . But, music theory the same, Hammer ons and pull offs and slides ..Easy and the same. Using left hand to fret was just an excersize preparing me for the guitar. Other then that......they are the same! Oh yes......timing in playing is much different. 2 beats per measure vs 4. But LOL aside, Yes I believe I do have an advantage over the pure novice. BUT, I still consider myself a novice forever...Always learning and always seeking the next level of playing.
  4. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Ohhh Mannn! Forgive my Brain Vape!!! Forget my response above. There is , of course, a way to trem before and after the amp...it works ok but looking for more of a quicker sign wave. Still trying to get into the intricacies of my fairly new V 240 combo. So much to learn in so little time!!!!!! (old man) .... But, having a BALL!! I am learning the guitar after years on the bluegrass banjo.........Thanks
  5. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    Thanks==I'll do some more tweaking! How would I put the tremolo before the amp......with a Spider V 240? I did not think I had the ability to create that chain without a pedal board.
  6. Hankon6

    1950-1960 tremolo

    I have tried to simulate the old tremolo sound of the 50's and 60"s on my Variax standard...I have a Spider V 240 and my search and experimentation have eluded me in getting to THAT sound. What are the tone mixes to achieve this? Thanks
  7. Hankon6

    Spider V 60 ordered!

    Spider V's are very good amps. The 60's and above are they way to go. I have Spider V 240 and love the heck out of it. I won't use any volume settings above the 1/2 way mark. It will blow the paint off the walls! The V 60 is perfect for around the house and outside to impress your neighbors. You will really like the MANY different sounds you can develope! Tweeking the amp makes you feel like a kid in a candy factory! I have had mine for a couple of months now and still have not reached all the output possibilities! Wow.....You will be turned into a sound scientist! Have fun...ENJOY!!!
  8. Hankon6

    Create A Better Sound

    Did it create a more rich tone or more treble?
  9. Hankon6

    G10 and Spider V

    My experience with the Spider V 240/Variax Standard is that when the amp is turned off with the G10 pluged into it...it seems to go to a slow change, because the G10 lite goes to about 1/2 normal. I always charge my G10 when the Amp is on. Now that has been my experience.... I usually look back at my g10 after awhile and the light is very faint. If I start the amp back up ..the G10 lights up to brite. I may be wrong...but that is what I have observed
  10. Hankon6

    Using the mobile android app, keeps disconnecting

    I so not know if this will help you ,,,but I have had a similar experience until I used the line monkey for set up..then it worked on my PC.
  11. Hankon6

    Using Android Spider Remote

    This is an excerpt from the forum ....in the search area in upper right of forum home page enter "Spider Remote Android Connection Troubleshooting" While app/amp connections of Spider Remote on iOS are relatively simple, on Android, USB connections to devices like Spider V are more complicated. Not only are some Android devices wholly incompatible with USB host mode (required for connection to Spider V), some are only partially compatible, or exhibit bad behavior under some circumstances. Furthermore, there are important permissions-related actions that you must take, in order to enjoy the best user experience, and to ensure that firmware updating via Spider Remote Android works correctly. This guide assumes you have at least Spider Remote v1.0.2, so please make sure you have the latest version before proceeding. Testing the Device for Compatibility with USB Host Mode If an Android device does not support USB host mode, it cannot connect to Spider V amps. If you are having trouble connecting to your amp, the first step should be to run one of the free Android applications that will test a device’s compatibility with USB host mode. For example, the application USB Host Diagnostics has thus far proven to be entirely accurate. Here’s a link to download that app. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=usb%20host%20diagnostics&c=apps&hl=en Giving the Proper Permission to the Device To make your Android device work with your Spider V amp, you must first give permission. To carry out this action when the amp is first connected; the following dialogue box will appear. You then check the box “Use by default for this USB device†and then press OK. Problems with Termination on Some Devices On certain devices, such as the Galaxy S6, we’ve seen some trouble with the app and amp connection. It manifests itself as the app crashing and temporarily losing USB capability. Dealing with Troublesome Devices Unfortunately, not every Android device can be tested. Problematic devices generally fall into one of two categories. 1. A connection is not possible. In this case, the device almost definitely does not fully-support USB host mode. Unfortunately this is out of Line 6’s control. If you think you have USB host mode, please run the USB Host Diagnostics app mentioned above. 2. Connections are possible, but the device’s USB port sometime “hangsâ€. This behavior might be noticed as the inability to charge the device after a successful prior connection, or even the inability to access it from a desktop computer. In this case, you are most likely experiencing the situation above described in “Problems with Termination on Some Devicesâ€. Here are some best practices to minimize the issue. If you find yourself in this state, it is necessary to restart the device. Some devices may require a hard-restart of the Android, the method of which may vary among manufactures. On such problematic devices, and in the case where you must force-quit the Spider Remote application, you should also first sever the connection between the Android device and the amp. Do this by either powering off the Spider V, or by removing the USB cable. Once the amp connection is severed, if will be safe to force-quite the application. Note that the app will briefly display (at the top of the screen) “Device Not Connected†when the connection is severed, and also when the device is not connected and the user presses the USB icon in the action bar. Report Article
  12. Hankon6

    Variax Standard - Initial thoughts

    Never used it....never will!!! Means more pickin' time with my banjo and ripping my Variax standard!!! Heh HEh!!!
  13. Hankon6

    Spider V WoW

    LUMPER........Received my Spider V 240 combo a couple of weeks ago. It is a beast! I am still going thru all the amp an fx possibilities. It may take awhile!!! Nice clear tones or dirty if you choose. Ther are a lot of metal tones. This amp along with the Variax Standard is a scientist's dream.! You can cook up or develop about ant sound you desire...if you do enough tweaking! I am really happy with this dynamic duo!!! I guess we both made the right choices!
  14. Hankon6

    Spider V vs Vetta 2

    I am not too familiar with the Vetta except they sound very nice on clear tones on you tube. Very good amp! Have you had a chance to try a Spider V 120 or 240? Other than looking at side by side feedback comparisons ..That is what I would do. If there is a Guitar Center close by , they most likely have a demo you can try out. The Spider V 240 I have is a real beast and can deliver nice clear tones. I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Man, is there a bunch of tones you can extract from it. I love the many modeling amps! I believe that the Vetta also has stereo speakers like the the Spider 240 which delivers a nice 3D sound. I am sure you have already checked out the You tube on the specs and tones of this unit. I would expect that there will be some responses that you will receive on this forum ...Unless someone is very familiar with the Spider V AND the Vetta I would be careful on being sold a bill of goods from OPINIONS! I would try a Spider V out. Tones and sound as you know, vary with different ears! It is your ears that need to make the choice. Good luck!
  15. Hankon6

    Variax Standard - Initial thoughts

    Good afternoon all! As far as the trem goes...I used a suggestion on this forum to use some pipe thread tape and it really works. I just received my Variax Standard a few days ago. It was perfectly set up. Notes are clear and no ghost notes. This axe and the Spider V 240 are killers together! They tend to really compliment each other. I have had some long nights just running through the possibilities of tones! Wow,! I know I have just skimmed the surface on what this duo can do. The tech support was unbelievable...to the extent that they seem to be the cream of the crop in customer support. I know this because I was a CFO (before I retired) of some pretty nice size companies...and we always strived to be the best for our customers. It is a never ending goal! I said this because of the experience I have had with Sweetwater. The alt tunings are just frosting on the cake. The neck is smooth and sweet to quickly change positions up and down the neck. The neck just "feels right" in my hands! I had 11 52's put on the neck at Sweetwater...It looks like they did a fine filing job on the nut to fit the 52. These strings are awesome on this guitar. I can not find any negatives on this axe at all. This duo is made for each other. Well back to more pickin'...(not my Goldstar banjo....my VARIAX STANDARD)! This response is for Elwyn who started this thread.!!