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  1. Thanks man! I was just now doing that but still doesn’t work with the latest firmware. Will keep trying the old ones. The amp was bought an year and a half ago, but I think they should warranty cause it seems that is a software factory problem...
  2. Hi guys, I have the same problem with a V30. Did you have any news about the rescue file? Just to share with you, the amp stopped to work when I was changing the WAH settings on my iPhone. There was a loud “beep” noise before I had to turn it off. When I turned it on, stucked logo on the display. Any info would be very helpful. Thank you guys!
  3. :( bad news... And so Line 6 sent you another one or do they fix it? Do you know how to perform a hard reset when turning on the amp? The way people wrote here to factory reset does not work, cause the amp is literally frozen. Thanks bud!
  4. Hi brother... did this happen with the V30? Just happend the same with me. I was playing and suddenly heard a continuous noise like beep... Turned the amp off and then on, stucked on the logo screen.
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