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  1. I've planned on getting the extra foot switches for the stomp. I was just thinking guitar > HX Effects > comp > stg1 drive > stg2 drive > send1 > mono in stomp > amp > AO verb > short tape delay > stereo dot 1/8 delay > stereo return to HX effects > big verbs and mods etc > stero out > stereo return stomp > stereo out stomp. It works in my head but I'm not sure if it would in real life haha
  2. I want the stomp to go to solely DI. Not have to mess with lugging an amp around and miking it up, so on so forth... also for the simple fact that $600 can get me an awesome sounding Matchless, Deluxe, plexi, you name it. Also it allows me to practice very quietly and it's an interface to record as well. All I really see are pros for me. The only thing that has me worried is that I want my wet effects to be after the amp and I'm unsure if I'll be able to add what I use with the 6 block restriction.
  3. My local GC has a used LT for 799.99. I was thinking about trying to go for that. But yes then I would have no need for the HX Effects.
  4. I've posted the amp to craigslist in my area and already got a scammer... I'll try and post it to ebay today. Am I crazy for trying to pair the stomp and my hx effects? Been thinking about it more. The more I think about it, the more I think an LT would make more sense...
  5. I've had my silvertone on fbook marketplace for a few weeks now and no hits at all. Lots of views though. Private sale IMO is a lot of hassle to get a decent price and my silvertone is nice
  6. Well I think my mind is made up. Gonna start planning to get the stomp. Just for fun, what do yall think of trade in at GC or Sam Ash? I know they don't give retail but it's a lot less hassle than private sales...
  7. No I agree completely. I've used Line 6 stuff since the early 2000's and have loved it. I really like my HX Effects too. My silvertone sounds sweet, but its wicked loud and my wife yells at me haha. I guess what's going to make my decision for me is do the amp models really sound the way I've been lead to believe they do? All the videos and sound clips ive heard sound great, but I've never played through them. The effects are great, I can attest to that. And how do the amp models sound thru a good set of headphones and/or monitors. I'll still keep my small Crate VC2110 if I need a real tube fix.
  8. Hey all, I've been seriously considering trading my Silvertone 1484 head and AC15 to get a stomp. Just seems more practical to me, and a lot more reliable/predictable/easier to use and get what I want out of my rig. I currently have an HX Effects as my sole board. Anyways, am I crazy for even consideringetting my 1484 and AC15 go for a stomp? TIA
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