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  1. Sorry about that, I missed that part. Thank you!
  2. Thank you everyone. Any thoughts on the wah pedal?
  3. Thank you. Assigning the parameter to the snapshot controller was what I was missing. I'm using the Helix floor and the editing software. Another question. Going off of theElevators suggestion to have an additional block with different settings. If I try to create another amp+cab block after the existing one so that essentially the first one is off and the new one is on for the lead snapshot (not that I'm going to do that since the snapshot controller works), I found that for the new block most of the amps are greyed out. Any idea why that is? Screenshot attached. And finally, when I got my helix, the wah pedal was extremely tight to the point it's almost unusable. Is this also common? If so, is it able to be adjusted easily? Thanks
  4. I watched a couple of videos on using snapshots which made it seem very impressive and appealing. In my case I have a very simple setup. A gate, compressor, distortion and amp/cab as well as a delay and verb in path 2a. I have snapshot 1 set up without the distortion patch on. On snapshot two it's on. However since snapshot 2 is my lead channel I want to have the distortion on (which works) and also have the volume higher and a slightly different delay setting. But whatever parameters I change in the amp or delay (in my case channel volume in the amp and mix and feedback in the delay) it just then transfers the same settings to snapshot 1. I thought the whole point of snapshots was to be able to have different amp volumes, eq settings, effect parameters, etc. They sound cool from what I've seen but I can't get them to work as expected and if this is how it has to work, quite frankly it sucks. Am I missing something here on how to set them up correctly? Thanks.
  5. I've googled like crazy on using the hd500 for an effects loop and the only setup I can get to work is the 4 cable setup. However, it ends up removing all the high end and a lot of mids from my tone. I'm using an orange crush 35 rt and before trying to use my hd500, I was able to plug my boss delay pedal into the effects loop of the amp and have it work as expected. So with the effects send/return on the hd500, I figured it would work the same. Guess not. When I try this I get no sound from the amp at all. I just want to use the hd500 for the delay/chorus/tremolo/etc type of effects. How can I set it up so that I can do that without it changing my tone so dramatically? Thanks.
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