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  1. If i play trough S-Gear or Amplitube with Steinberg UR22 MKII & AKG K-702 It still gives a much better feel then Helix Native. Native is like a song on the radio vs actual amp sound.
  2. I approached Helix native like it was a piece of end consumer gear. Stuff like guitar rig & s-gear come pre-setup to sound great even with a PC audiocard & home headphones. Now helix native sounded like one big mess/wall of sound through my home headphones & speakers. After reading topics like these, and this guy explenation: https://youtu.be/s2JP8uXQZB0 The issue is just not knowing any of this stuff, lack of gear and you lack of reference. I plugged my URII Line out to my Peavey Viper 30 guitar input, set it to the clean settings and yes Helix came alive. And now I understood what my speakers & headphones tried to output. The crap is just part of the signal & only my amp seemed to be able to correctly handle it. Now my "bad" sounding speaker function as tweaters for my peavey guitar modeling amp. The computer speakers just can't output the helix distortion. Is still not fully understand the fact what comes out of ableton from Helix Native, doesn't sound like a finished product on computer speakers, like most of the other plugins do.
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