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  1. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Allow-Trails-on-Return-block/991834-23508 Sad that the Return block doesn't have the option for Trails like an FX Loop block does. Having trails be available would be a godsend!
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering whether anybody had issues with dynamic range running at relatively higher gain? I am using the HX Stomp to record direct via USB into Logic Pro X. Referencing the image, my guitar is the bottom track. As you can see, my guitar is quite compressed compared to my bandmate's, with the regions of higher amplitude being palm mutes and lower amplitudes strumming. According to my metering in Logic, my palm mutes have approximately only +/- 0.5dB difference whereas his is a much more dynamic signal. He is using Amplitube in Logic to get his tones. Does anyone have any possible reasons as to why this is the case? I get pretty good dynamics from clean amp models. I understand that running with more distortion will end up in reduced dynamic range, but I personally feel that there is still too much compression going on. My signal chain is Kinky Boost > Screamer 808 > Cali Texas Ch2 > Splits into 2 IRs from OwnHammer (Path A and B have different IRs that merge into the output block) Any help towards getting a little more dynamic range despite the heavy tone would be appreciated.
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