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  1. Anyone running hx stomp into helix for added horsepower? I have both, and would like to hear what others have done with this combo thanks!
  2. Called line 6 and they found the issue right away- it was the Mac is blocking the install in “security preferences”. You have a few minutes after the install to “Allow” it. Reinstalled and told it to allow, the restart again. It added another option in audio I/O called “Line 6 Helix”. Dammit! It WAS a Mac thing lol I stand corrected lol thanks for all the input and advice -j guess I’m not the “expert” I thought I was lol
  3. Also, I’m torn because on one side I most likely won’t ever use more than 48 , but I’m just curious as to why it won’t go higher. Hate to waste support’s time
  4. My machine is not on the list- it’s several years newer and considerably more powerful(not bragging- just putting it in perspective ) However, the audio specs are the same. I’ve ran other interfaces at significantly higher bitrate(UA Apollo twin duo, for one) with no issue. Ableton and logic pro will support up to 96k native on the machine, as long as I don’t ask helix to do the interface work. I’m running a full paid version of Live 10 suite. my hunch is that it’s a conflict between OS X and the driver- more specifically, how OS X deals with drivers other than core audio. I’m opening a ticket with support ASAP- I’ll report back as I get more info ps- you have e me by a few years on the c64 lol I had one, but didn’t use it for music lol- I may even still have it- gonna look now haha
  5. I don’t necessarily need a higher sample rate, and to honest, I probably wouldn’t use it if it was available lol- but like I said, it would be cool it it worked lol. Typically, at least for me, macs drivers have never been an issue. I’ve been using macs for music over 25 years, since pre VST cubase days LOL. I’m dating myself lol.... I’ve cleared preference panes, cleared and reset cashe’s, gone in manually to find the actual driver extension... it’s not there. I mean, it could be me, but I’m willing to bet it’s a line 6 issue casing some conflict. Last time I looked at sample rates it was an available option- not sure what changed. It’s fun to nerd out on music tech, try different lollipop, etc. reminds me of astronomy and trying to see super faint stars and galaxies... “do I see it? Can I see it? Same thing goes for sound lol
  6. I’m thinking it’s a line 6 thing lol im running a late 2019 MacBook Pro i9- I can use up 96k Ableton or logic(not that I need to lol) 48k is MORE than enough for me, but... I noticed it was an option that wasn’t available, so I figured I’d ask:-)
  7. It stays at 48k regardless of device setting. I’ve changed the device output settings in prefs and then checked app... no change. changed device settings, restart app, still no change. Changed device settings, restart app, restart computer, still no change
  8. My understanding of that notice is that the driver will “preclude the core audio driver” but from what I see, the core audio driver is precluding the helix driver 1.0.7
  9. I saw that as well... tried installing that driver at LEAST 10 times now, restarted each time. Nothing changes. I’m currently at firmware v2.90.10
  10. Before and after selecting helix as I/O Notice bitrate option before and after
  11. Anyone using helix floor with Ableton 10? I’ve been using both for a couple years(Ableton since v8) but I can’t get ableton to switch the sample rate for helix away from 48k... the menu is grayed out. Helix 2.9, driver updated, sample rate switches to 96k in helix prefs, system prefs on MacBook Pro set to helix, any ideas?
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