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  1. thanks. haven't created any custom models and only tried workbench for the first time to try to fix this problem, so I don't know much about the program. I'm wondering if I should refresh every model etc. blundering about in the dark here. I did the reflash by holding down the model button and plugging in a jack then pushing model button again. I got the red flashes as described - assume that's all I can do. Many thanks for your assistance
  2. no, using headphones turned up loud. pick very lightly and there are 2 notes about a semitone apart on each string that has a changed tuning. the signal is definitely coming from the electronics. It sounds awful and is unplayable in anything but standard tuning. It has to be a software problem but I have done reflash, updated firmware. Is there anything else? e.g can I reinstall all the software?
  3. OK found how to reflash, did it 3 times. Updated firmware. The darn thing still sounds a discord on any string that is not in standard. nothing to do with setup - not changed a thing since new. If I can only get this fixed I can sell it and buy a decent guitar. (or even a $100 Korean job which would be superior to this junk at the moment) Of course I could send it to head office for repair but that's in a different country. I have hardly played it at all - REALLY disappointed in line 6
  4. i have the same problem. My jtv 59 is 2+ years old so out of warranty. nearest approved service centre 2 hours away. really cheesed off this could happen. there should be a product recall to get this right before jtv's become regarded as junk. how do you reflash anyway?
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