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  1. If I want to run the PodGo into a UAD Apollo Is it safe to run the MainOut TRS balanced to XLR -> Apollo & RightOut TRS balanced into XLR -> Apollo? Is how you do stereo? Thanks,
  2. Any luck with your setup. I have Apollo8 and was wondering recommended ways to introduce the helix to this. I put in a ticket w/ UAD. Will post here if helpful once they respond.
  3. I am new to everything - just got a guitar, amp head / cab. And now the Helix. Figured I didnt own any pedals/fx might as well just start with this. Most of my confusion is routing and inputs/outputs in general. I am using the 4CM tube amp head + cab. If I put in a pre-amp after the Send/Rec block I get some really great tones. How does this work? Can you explain how the pre-amp block is applied? Can I use modeling Amps / Cabs./ Mics in addition to my physical amp + cab in this scenario? if you dont add a send/rec FX block - you lose the ability to put FX before and after the amp, is that it? (for my 4CM method) Thanks, Scott
  4. Keep going back between Rack and FX. Without the Rack I use my Apollo interface can I still use Helix native in this scenario? Any tips for routing my setup to my interface (I want to listed to helix fx + amp head in headphones) 4CM for -> Amp Head w/ Effects Loop + Helix FX and/or Rack (not sure yet) What about when you add your interface Universal Audio Apollo 8P + Suhr reactive load Or does the Helix become the interface and route Guitar -> Helix -> Amp -> SRL -> Helix -> Computer -> Apollo Interface (Monitors/HeadPhones) Saw the Pete Thorn video for Helix and Amp setup. Thanks,
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