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  1. Thanks for all the tips and advice. Much appreciated. I'll try implementing all of the suggestions. Randall
  2. I have made presets for my Helix for mainly playing a round, warm tone through a D'Angelico Excel EXL1. For me they work very well, but I also play a PRS guitar and an Ernie Ball JP6. On those two I still have the Helix presets structured such that the base tone is warm, but would like to add a snapshot for each with clean sustain. I don't want the tone to have "crunch." Does anyone have recommendations for a preset with clean sustain, or ideas about distortion blocks or other approaches to get such a tone?
  3. I'm new to Helix, having used it for about 3 weeks. I have had no history of working with modeling equipment and software. I've gone through most of Jason Sadites' tutorials - very instructive and helpful. I am interested in developing some presets for jazz guitars, particularly hollow bodies such as the D'Angelico Excel EXL1. I'm looking for a clean, round sound. I've attached a preset I made with dual amps and cabs, hopefully to give more depth to the tone. I'm using a Roland 40 amp, but plugging the Helix into the effects jack on the back; this appears to bypass the preamp. The tone was created for the D'Angelico. I applied some compression to the lows and highs of both modeled amps to decrease muddiness and too bright tonalities. I used EQs to specifically target frequencies which feed back on the guitar. Any thoughts/assistance in the elements and/or layout of the preset would be much appreciated. Randall RBS JC40 EXL1b.hlx
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