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  1. Hi, Hope this is right thread for this problem/question. I am having trouble connecting the Trio+ via the HX Stomp --„Äč and to active studiomonitors. Used to connect via 4CM to a Katana ,in front of a Fender Deluxe and on a HX Effects (infront of katana). This is a new setup and I am struggling to do the right connections. When I open the return/send block I never get a good enough result. Its like putting it in the front. The drums are awful. Any tips on how I can navigate to get a better result? Its Ok without an Amp block but when I enable an amp it gets fizzy. Also tried to tame it by changing parameters ib the send/return block. Hope u excuse my English, not my 1st launguage. Greatful for any answers, coz I'm really stuck.
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