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    HX Stomp FAQ

    Looks like that could be really interesting for me. Never had a helix or used the 4 cable method, but I hope somebody can answer my questions. For my main rhythm sound I use and still want to use an external drive + my Revv G3 pedal. I'd like to have these two pedals in the front of the HX Stomp and (sometimes) just use an IR in the HX. I guess this shouldn't be a problem. Then I would need the same preset and the HX Stomp should just add some FX and a clean boost for my solo sound. Should also work, think. My third preset would be totally different. Just a clean HX Stomp amp + FX + IR. Is it possible to bypass my external pedals when I use that preset without having to turn them off? Just one step and I have my clean "channel" and don't have to play Fred Astaire? My live would be so much easier. At the moment I use the AmpliFirebox and it's obviously not possible there. Any advice would be nice :)
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