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  1. RafaelFagundes

    HD500x factory reset

    I have a odd situation. I use the monkey but, it sundely apeared "UPDATE FLASH", and whem i conect the monkey it just does not work after I Update the flash memory. I repeat many times this procces but inst work. While I update the flash memory, show in my pedalboard the frase "UPDATING FLASH", but after i reconect the power cable (thoso precious five seconds), nothing happen! I want some help!
  2. Every time I turn on my "POD LINE 6", the phrase "UPDATE FLASH" always appears, I have used the monkey several times to try to solve the problem by doing the software updates, but that does not solve. I also tried to connect the power cable holding the left mv to reset the factory settings but also did not solve anything. What do I do anyway?