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  1. Hi, it's me responding to my own post - not sure if this is considered gauche. What I discovered is this: - when plugging the G10 transmitter into the guitar it establishes connectivity with the receiver at 1/8 volume on the guitar - very low volume. - when attempting to wake-up from sleep mode the volume level on the guitar must be set to at least 50% if not higher - much higher volume. - if one selects high E the volume must be higher compared to low E. - I play at lower volumes because I'm very close to my amp. - when I use headphones (wireless) the volume from the headphones can be adjusted so this can mask/hide the difference between initial and wake-up volume requirements. - to compensate for this inconsistency when playing without my studio headphones I turn up the volume on the guitar and lower the input on the amp. - I like the Relay G10 but this to me is a design inconsistency. Now that the nature of the unit is more apparent I can deal with this. They've should consider resolving the USB design - not good.
  2. I bought the unit three weeks ago. I had to buy a new USB chord because the one out of the box was so loose I kept using power. I bought a braided USB chord at a Petro Canada gas station of all places and it is much better quality than the original. One issue resolved. The sound is great but after the Relay G10 enters sleep mode it does not wake up unless I unplug from the guitar and start over. I'm only five feet from the receiver and waiting 5-10 seconds after I strum in sleep mode does nothing. The manual does states the transmitter will wake up. Not mine. I may have to return this unit, not working as specified.
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