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  1. Thanks sooooooo much! I completely missed that somehow and sorry for a thread about something I should have seen. Not sure if we have some discrepancies on the versions of the Manual though. I did end up finding it but it was on page 53. (Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > 5 Tempo Select / 6 Snapshot BPM/PresetBPM/GlobalBPM). Again, seriously don't know how i missed that. Insert face-palm here :) Thanks again!
  2. New User Here, I am purchasing a Helix LT in about a month and have a use case that I cannot seem to find any help with answering "can Helix do this?". As a setup dinosaur and to effectively be able to turn on and off an entire effects loop (as the amps I have do not have such a select-able option), I have been utilizing a Boss Line Selector on "B-Bypass" in order to have effects hard bypassed when I don't want them and to be able to select which effects turn on at one time when I engage the Line Selector. In the Line Selector loop, I have a Boss DD-6 that essentially is in Tap mode all of the time except for when I need the loop to not have delay. For me, this is super-convenient as it allows me to dial in the tempo before the pedal is even engaged. My cover band does not play to a click so for me, going back to a configuration, whether it be by preset or snapshot, where a tempo is defaulted and then having to adjust the tempo after the delay is engaged with the tap tempo is a step backwards. I have read the manual, watched videos, and read threads and I do not see a configuration in which tap tempo can be set as a "global" tempo that overrides any default patch or snapshot tempo when a patch or snapshot is engaged if I wanted to setup the tempo prior to engaging said patch or snapshot. If anyone out there has any knowledge or thoughts on this I would appreciate it! I really hope I just missed it somewhere :) However, after an already seemingly exhaustive search, I feel this may be heading to Ideascale before I even own the unit and am dreading the idea of having to cart around the DD-6 and a power supply to use in the Helix's loop :(
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