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  1. Hi, Hipshot Open GripLock Upgrade Kit - non staggered version. No drilling, just drop it and rock! : )
  2. Dear Partev, thank you for your help, much appreciated!
  3. The "Pimp my Variax" project has been completed. No hum, just awesome sound :) Love it!
  4. I would be very happy if you service my guitar too, but U.S. is the other end of the World : )
  5. Partev, what do you mean "connection glitches"? Is there any kind of cleaning method or any kind of maintenance we should do periodically? For example, is there any kind of trick to provide the best connection with the piezos? Sorry, if it is a stupid question... I am very grateful for all of your help!
  6. Thanks to God (and Partev and Richie Castellano too ) there`s a lot of information about swapping pickups. I think at the end of this year I have enough money to order the new pickups.
  7. I`m sure that the Allparts is a good stuff. I`ve read that U.S. Made Variaxes use Hipshot Open Grip Lock, and I want to buy branded tuners, that `s why I decided to go for Hipshot. Satisfied...Next step: swapping mag pickups...
  8. Hi all, here is the solution for the Variax Standard, without any kind of drilling or any other modification. On the Hipshot website you can choose: - Hipshot Guitar Tuner Upgrade kit for 6 inline headstocks. - style: Grip - Lock open - guitar style: bass side non - staggered Perfect drop in solution, the swap takes me only 30 minutes. I am happy :)
  9. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it!
  10. Dear Partev, Thanks for the quick answer. Unfortunately here at the guitar shop there isn't anything in stock, so checking is not an option, only the online shopping. "Check that the tuning post string hole is not too high. An elevation breaking angle of 12-15 degrees needs to be maintained between the tuning post and string nut slot." - that is the reason why I don't know, what is the perfect size and I hope there is somebody here who already buy a Hipshot Open Grip lock upgrade kit for the Variax standard, and tell me. :) "Check that the screw hole mount and alignment nub line up".- The patented UMP (Universal Mount Plate) included free in this kit means your tuners will retrofit without drilling or screwing.
  11. Hi all, I have a Variax Standard guitar, and I want to change the original tuners to Hipshot Grip Lock open locking tuners. Hipshot's staggered post sets are available in various configurations, which include: Short - 18mm, 19mm, 20mm Standard - 19mm, 20mm, 21mm Tall - 20mm, 21mm, 23mm. The staggered height is measured for the base of the string post to the centre of the string hole. I've already open a support ticket, but I've not get any answer yet. Please help me to pick up the perfect size. The other question is a post hole size. Are they 10mm or different? Thanks a lot!
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