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  1. AMP/Line knob is set to AMP, because i use Clean Channel of Marshall. Guitar works normally when it is connected to Marshall directly. Marshall as well. My bassist said, that my problem occurred because i use noname adapter. Can it be so? Although i compared features of original adapter to my adapter. My adapter has AC Input 100-240V 50/60Hz(For my country 50Hz) and Output 9V and 2A. But if X3 works, lights. I hope i need not blame adapter. Let me leave some photos of my current connections. May be i made a stupid mistake.
  2. Hi, all! I need help, because my POD doesn't work properly i guess. Actually POD not sounds. I use it for guitar. My connection sequence is there: | GUITAR signal -> Guitar IN | LIVE OUT -> Marshall MG15(to Clean channel). And it's sill doesn't working. I read manual, and did all steps in tutorial, which provided by that manual. I set all volumes on a middle including Tone Volume, Master Volume, 4th small stuff under screen on +12 dB. My guitar volume is turned to "10". Volume and gain on Marshall as well. I received a lot of advices about different combinations of output/input gates. It not helps. Forgot to say: Input gate is OK, because when i enable tuner and try play some string on guitar, POD determines the note. So that determined note is true, i examined it by another clip-tuner. I think there's problem in output. I attach video, but i talking on Russian there, but u can just mute, because you won't lose sense of video.
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