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  1. I've recently purchased a used POD HD500X and I had the same issue with updating a firmware using Line6 Monkey (ESN-00000000 and Error Code 80007008). Previous user promised that he has bought it new from the store and never used a usb port. I tried to connect it with 4 different usb cables, tried to connect it to 2 laptops, tried all the usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports - the result was always the same error. I tried HD500 Edit and it worked ok syncing all the patches. Monkey shows correct version numbers of all firmwares installed (I had v1.0 flash firmware installed and wanted 2.62 to be installed). So I found that connection and hardware is ok except this annoying error in L6 Monkey that doesn't give a chance to update flash firmware. At last I've found a solution. BUT USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I don't know the consequences if there are any real hardware problems in your case! CHECK CABLE, USB-PORTS, AND SO ON. CHECK THAT HD500 EDIT IS SYNCING WITH HARDWARE WITHOUT PROBLEMS BEFORE USING THIS SOLUTION! So that's what I've done: 1. Download Flash Memory Firmware file 2. Connect HD500X to laptop via usb cable 3. Run L6 Monkey (it shows the same annoying hardware error) 4. Download and run any app that enables disabled buttons in any other windows application (I've used a WinSpy Tool) 5. Select Flash Memory Item in Monkey's items list and enable "Update from File" button using the app in step4 6. Click on Update from File button and select downloaded in step1 Flash Memory File 7. Wait until the flash is complete (You'll see something like "Reflashing Memory.." on POD's screen) 8. Turn off POD for 5 seconds and turn it on again PROFIT!!11 I don't know the reasons of this annoying error with detection of POD as I always used and updated my second HD500 without any issues.
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