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  1. That's great! Hadn't thought of that. It's exactly what I was looking for!
  2. I do split before anything. The issue might only exist on the Hx Stomp, which is what I have. We only get two paths, A and B. In my example, one path contains stereo effects, going to the L&R outputs The other goes to "Send" -> real amp Changing the blocks around from A to B or vice versa doesn't fix the problem.
  3. I'm trying to find a way to remove the "through" when using poly sustain (Using only one switch!!!) Here's my patch: Path A - Poly sustain -> amp+cab -> stereo effects -> L and R outputs (into monitors for the moment, two amps for live) Path B - Volume block (just to create a "B" path) -> Send (into amp) That way, I get a Wet-Dry-Wet. Great!! Only thing is, I'd really like to remove my playing from Path A whenever I'm soloing over a drone. I tried putting a volume block before the Sustain block to mute the sound going into path A. That works great, but I need two footswitches. If I merge the volume block and sustain block to one switch, it turns the sustain block off at the same time as it cuts the live signal. I know my issue might be "niche" but it's really the first thing I created with the Poly Sustain. It seems obvious, really, to be able to mute the "through" signal when using the Poly Sustain with a unit capable of parallel paths. (again: the issue is not really to be able to do it, but rather to do it efficiently with only one switch. I made myself a patch where using two switches works fine. But it's fiddly and uses a switch I'd rather use for something else) Cheers!
  4. I just did a factory reset after the 3.0 update. Figured i could do a better job starting over. If I run into the same problem today, I'll send the patch.
  5. When hard panning the amps or cabs, the effect of a bad phase relation will be less noticeable. It might add even add something that you like. A certain "spread'. Flipping the phase on two amps blended in mono will let you hear what is being lost due to comb filtering. Ideally, you'll hear a pleasant sound when in phase and a tiny, weird sound when out of phase. If both are a bit problematic, then there is likely a phase issue usually remedied by moving a mic. (in the real world) In my case, I had spread both amps 60% each side and found the result a bit "woofy" When I flipped the phase on one of the amps, the sound was usable, but scooped. That's when I realized that I had comb filtering altering my sound in a way that I didn't like and couldn't control.
  6. I'm using amp+cab. I did try moving the mic position using the "distance" function in the cab settings. (doesn't seem to be another way to do it) Delay is an interesting idea.
  7. Hi. I've ran into problems multiple times when creating a dual amp setup inside the Stomp. ex.: Path A -Cartographer set clean Path B - Placater Clean There is an audible conflict between those two in my setup. In real life, you'd move a microphone until both signals are in phase. In this instance, however, You only get a switch to reverse the phase. (the sound is bad in both positions) I even tried varying the "distance" function in the cab settings. But it doesn't change the phase relationship as it would in real life. Anyone use two amp setups with Helix? Anyone ran into a similar problem? What are your favorite amp combinations? Thank you.
  8. I was thinking of plugging the Stomp into the pc via usb and route it as an input into DAW while using another soundcard. It might just be impossible. But I am wondering if it could be done with some savvy programming.
  9. Hi. I have researched thoroughly, so this is a suggestion more than a question. Would it be technically possible to have audio sent to a pc through USB while using another interface? If so DO IIIIT! (please) The only way I know is to make aggregate cores on Mac. Workaround is to use a floor Helix wich has spdif out. I own a Stomp and a PC. As many other owners, I also own another external soundcard that is always plugged in my speakers and has mic pres I want to use. So again, 1) Is it something that COULD be done with an update? 2) If so, that'd be really nice, thank you. Otherwise, I know I could simply plug the Stomp in my other interface using 1/4 cables, but that's an extra conversion and more hassle.
  10. I realise this is old, but I'm running through the same problem with my Hx Stomp. Windows 7 Fresh driver installs Neither Hx Edit, nor Line 6 updater see my Stomp. The Hx Stomp does appear in my pc's device manager. (many pc reboots and Hx reboots have been done) Anyone has suggestions?
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