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  1. Tried that but it didn't work... But you guessed right cause I was able to fix it by using milliseconds instead of syncing it with the tempo... It's not the smoothest process, cause I have to calculate the time by myself, but at least the issue has disappeared. There might be some kind of bug/glitch when the block tries to catch up, unless I'm doing something wrong... But I never had this issue with the other delays and mod fx. Thank you very much for your help :)
  2. Hello everyone I don't know if this should belong to the bug thread, if that's the case I apologize... I am facing an issue with the Vintage Digital Delay block and I was wondering if someone else has came across the same thing... I did a quick research but I haven't found anything about the matter. Basically, when I switch to a preset that has this block already engaged, I hear a horrible pitch bend that lasts a second... It's like the modulation depth parameter glitches for a moment. This annoying warble is noticeable even without playing. The issue does not present itself when using snapshots within the same preset. Has anyone found a workaround for this issue? I know I can just use snapshots to avoid it, but I have a few situations in which I need to use different presets and this is making it impossible...
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