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  1. That’s probably because your computer sets the amp as the default playback device when you plug it it. You can change that manually so that you can edit the tones and still play music through your desired audio device.
  2. I've now tried the amp with Android (Samsung Galaxy S8) and PC. The android version works as intended. I can set the tone I want and then save it to either the amp, My Tones or publish it to the community cloud. On PC I can edit the tone and save it to the amp and also save a preset or the entire amp library as a file on the PC. Unfortunately I can't seem to access any kind of cloud stored tones. iOS still has trouble saving to My Tones or to publish it in the cloud while connected to the amp.
  3. I’ll try the Spider remote on Windows and see how that turns out. Did you use the iOS app for the latest test?
  4. It’s at the “share” symbol. It keeps flashing/fading in and out as if it’s working or something. I select “Save to My Tones”, the progress wheel/circle flashes quickly, then nothing else happens. If I repeat the procedure while not connected to the amp, a small green banner on the bottom of the screen shows up, saying “saved successfully” or something similar. I am using iOS 12.1 with the simple Apple adapter with only a USB in the other end, without an extra ligthnimg port for charging.
  5. Have you had a chance to try it out yet?
  6. Just to clear things up a bit. Saving to the amp works flawlessly. It’s saving to “My Tones” or to publish a tone that doesn’t work while being connected to the amp.
  7. I bought the official Apple adapter and it’s working great. But, I do have some issues with the Spider remote app. I can edit and save tones to the amps preset slots. 16 are available on the knob selector and then a bunch of sound banks which can be accessed from the app. I can try out different tones from the cloud and access previously saved “My Tones”. However, I can’t save to “My Tones” or publish my own to Line 6 Cloud while connected to the amp. I click the correct menu option but nothing happens. I need to unplug the iPad or iPhone and restart the app to be able to do that. Unfortunately, since the app starts up with a default amp and tone all the tone editing is lost. The only way to save my tones to “My Tones” is to set them up by chance or memory, without being able to listen to them before saving them. Anyone else have this problem? Not sure if this applies to all models or just the V20, which is a bit different with a micro USB connection instead of “regular” USB. I haven’t yet tried the PC software to see if the problem occurs there as well.
  8. I can’t save tones to My Tone while connected to the amp. Disconnect and restart the app “solves” it, but that can’t be the way it’s supposed to work. Please fix! V20
  9. I finally bought one and I’m really happy with how the amp sounds, especially when using headphones. I still haven’t gotten around to try the Spider remote app, since I don’t have any cable or adapter from lightning to micro USB and the Camera connection kit from Apple is, as suspected, expensive. Anybody on this forum with experience from the V20 and Spider remote iOS? What cables and or adapters do you use?
  10. I hope so too. The V20 is a bit different though with a micro USB connection and no switch between iOS and Android/PC. Also, the information provided on the page below is not entirely correct. Spider V 20 Specs 20 watts 1x8" custom speaker and tweeter Weight: 11 lbs. Dimensions: H: 13"" W: 12.2" D: 8.3" 1/4" Guitar input and 1/8" Stereo Aux input - Wrong! There's no Aux input 1/4" Headphone output - Wrong! There's a 1/8" Headphone output USB Micro-B
  11. I'm planning on buying the Spider V 20 and have a few questions about connecting it to an iOS-device. Do I really need the Apple Camera Connection kit or will it work with any kind of Lightning to Micro-USB adapter?
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