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  1. wth is up with people like you, i came to these forums seeking for help and all i get is a bunch of trolling and ridicule, finally someone (codamedia) is actually trying to be helpful and you're telling him to stfu? this place is worse than TGP ffs
  2. where is the midrange hump? it's as flat as it gets
  3. WTF dude, do you think i would've bought the helix if i didn't want to like it?? i literally spent the last 5 days tweaking the helix, people like you make the helix community look like a bunch of triggered retards.
  4. primarily the placater dirty, I spent hours yesterday using EQ's, multiple EQ's but it can't even get in the ballpark
  5. Oh i had provided plenty of recorded tones on the TGP thread (which i have since removed because no one was able to help so it was pointless) thick mids simply aren't in the helix.
  6. Oh sure, no mids right? I guess my analyzer is defect
  7. yup, that clip is all mids
  8. Lol nice trolling
  9. not until i heard the elusive juicy, thick and warm helix mids
  10. lmao you guys get so triggered, it's a great product, but the juicy mids are nowhere to be found If anyone can recreate the EQ of this sound with the helix (thick mids and no harsh high end) you might change my mind, but until now all the helix community has done is all bark and no bite.
  11. nope, even with a spectrum analyzer it shows you can't get anything but scooped tones, but i can imagine that to be fine for the majority
  12. I guess the 5% that's missing are the mids.
  13. "get what you wanted in the first place - an AXE!" I never wanted an axe fx, the portability of the helix stomp is what made me get it.
  14. on TGP not letting anyone help me?? did you even read the thread? I even took the time to learn the parts of the tones that are in the ballpark of what i'm trying to get so that it's easier for the people there to compare them to the original and suggest changes... but no i MUST be a trolling SHILL bought out by the EVIL FRACTAL CORPORATION goddamnit. i deleted the thread here because it was probably even worse and less useful than the response i got on TGP
  15. WTF dude literally the only thing i've been doing the past 5 days is trying to get closer to the tone i want, but i'm just not getting there. Some common sense at last, thank you for understanding, the "it's your playback system" comments are driving me crazy
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