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  1. StephRock

    Firewire for Pod XT?

    line6 monkey doesn' t see my POD XT when trying to connect pod XT with cable usb firmwire that was in the box when i bought it, so i tried another cable still doesnt work. i was trying to update USB firmwire 1.12 when installed say unknown on line 6 monkey when clicking on my update selection the ask me to accept condition and agrement click accept the a window apear and say couldnt establish a connection to pod xt please check your usb cable connection if devices is plugged in, try disconnecting abd reconnecting the usb cable but my cable is well plug and on monkey on left say Picture with POD XT device connection: USB ESN: unknown tell me what to do cause i love my pod XT and want it to be uppdated i stop playing 1 year and want to start back