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  1. bjolli83

    POD Go FAQ

    Is it possible they already sold through their expected first (and maybe even second and third) shipment, and May 15th is the due date for the first units that are still available?
  2. Since the latest upgrade my G10 has also been all wonky. Just now I only managed to get a half hour of play time out of a "fully charged" transmitter (solid green light, been sitting in receiver over the weekend) before it died completely. Put it back in the receiver, and less than half an hour later the light is solid green, like it's fully charged... I have also noticed it sometimes randomly starting to "charge" while just sitting there in the receiver. a quirk that also started after the upgrade. Ticket already opened.
  3. bjolli83

    POD Go FAQ

    thomann.de has it listed for €419. That's on par with $449 in the US I think.
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