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  1. Do the switch assignments in presets work correctly across all units? I'm making presets on HX Stomp and want to make them available for Helix and HX Effects. Some of them have rather complex switch assignments. Everything I assign will work correctly on the switches 1,2,3 of other devices, right? Any experiences?
  2. donoise

    Dynamix Flanger help

    Yeah it is a flanger with envelope control but it has a lot of parameters that I'm not familiar with. I can play around and come up with sounds I like but I want to show this effect in a video with other envelope controlled flangers and I want to be able to tell what it is, what it can do, how it is different etc. That's why I wanted to know in a bit more detail, and maybe from the designer. I was curious about some of the reverb parameters before and saw that the designers explained them in detail on a thread here. I was hoping maybe I'd get a similar response.
  3. donoise

    Dynamix Flanger help

    Can anyone explain this effect and its parameters? I want to use this and also feature it in a video but I can't figure it out. Is the designer of this effect here?
  4. donoise

    My HX Stomp Patches

    New Lo-Fi patches:
  5. donoise

    My HX Stomp Patches

    New reverse reverb patches:
  6. donoise

    My HX Stomp Patches

    New glitchy patches:
  7. donoise

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    If that's indeed the case, it will be great. I won't have block/DSP limit problems as I'll be making the patches on the Stomp so they should work on all the others (without amps on the HX Effects).
  8. donoise

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    People mentioned this but it is not clear if I can do this without having any of them. Can I just save HX Stomp presets as Helix presets without connecting a Helix or using Native?
  9. donoise

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    Thanks a lot!
  10. donoise

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    Thank you! I'm using a delay (obviously haha) and a couple of other stuff and switching methods. Sorry for not being a lot more clear :/ These patches are available to get for HX Stomp (link is in the video description). I'm hoping to be able to make them available for the Floor and HX Effects as well. Just need to figure out how :)
  11. donoise

    My HX Stomp Patches

    I've been working on custom HX Stomp patches since I got mine and I am finally making them available. These patches are mostly emulating other pedals that are not readily available in the HX Stomp. The first three packs I put up are Freeze patches, Rainbow Machine patches, and pitch shifting analog delay (like Thermae and In Limbo) patches. A lot more patches are on the way. I'll be posting videos of all of them on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/donoise And I'll post links to get the patches on my blog (and also in the video descriptions): https://donoise.home.blog Here are the videos of the patches available so far:
  12. donoise

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    This is one of the reasons I got my HX Stomp and it is pretty good at it! I'm hoping it will get better and better with each update. I've been able to make a couple of patches based on Thermae but they only work on the Somp right now. I made (and am still making) patches based on other unique effects. Here is a video with my Thermae patch: