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  1. Here on my HX Stomp (FW 2.71) it's possible with 1 delay block to have 3 different subdivision snapshots. So you say it all depends if someone wants to use the tap tempo feature? If yes, this workaround isn't a good choice, right?
  2. I've made several tests. It seems I found 1 specific configuration that does the trick. Drawback: 2 additional Volume Blocks needed. Application: Blending gradually 'Dry Mono Path A' from 0% to 100% 'Wet Stereo Path B' without volume change at any position EXP Pedal 1. Set Split Block to either Split Y (Balance A and B = Center) or Split A/B (= Even Split) - no controller assign(s) 2. Set Mixer Block to default settings: Level A = 0.0dB, Pan A = Center, Level B = 0.0dB, Pan B = Center, B Polarity = Normal, Level = 0.0dB - no controller assign(s) 3. Insert a Mono Volume Block at the end of Dry Mono Path A just right before Mixer Block. Assign EXP Pedal to Position (Min Position = 100% / Max Postion = 0% / Curve = Linear) 4. Insert a Stereo Volume Block at the end (after all Wet Effects) of Wet Stereo Path B just right before Mixer Block. Assign EXP Pedal to Position (Min Postion = 0% / Max Position = 100% / Curve = Linear)
  3. Hi :-) What if you assign expression pedal to a split A/B block (parameter: Route To) at the beginning of the parallel path?
  4. I'm not sure how helpful but I found a workaround with 1 delay block. If I change tempo settings to snapshots and set BPM 125 fix for snapshot 3 I get a 320ms delay at 1/4 Triplet note sync. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtp38dgo3g6ikos/Helix 3 different delay times per 1 block.mov?dl=0 I made the step by step video above for explanation.
  5. I thought but I didn't. :-( Everything looks logical in HX Edit and device Firmware 2.71. But note sync is either on or off for all snapshots with 1 delay block. I have to use 2 delay blocks in 1 preset as a workaround. 1 delay block for note sync applications and 1 delay block for fix delay times in ms.
  6. Hi :-) I have a HX Stomp. Found out how it's been done on my device yesterday. I had to assign controller by snapshots. Delay time (fix) and delay note sync parameters.
  7. Can you adjust in ProTools a temporary negative delay offset for recording? That's how I solve it here in my DAW Logic.
  8. Thanks all for help and answers so far! :-) My situation will be with the HX Stomp = max 6 simultaneous blocks per preset. 5 blocks are already reserved. I only have 1 Block free for boost and slapback delay Echoplex like.
  9. Hi :-) I can't test it myself yet. I will get my HX Stomp next week. But I'm already planning my first preset with all 6 simultaneous possible blocks. flanger > phaser > transistor tape delay > amp > IR > reverb I need Echoplex preamp sound characteristics as boost and echoing in one block in this preset.
  10. Fact or question? Does the transistor tape delay block emulate the Echoplex preamp characteristics if I set mix to 0% and raise level >0dB ?
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